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Kyle Train0r

Some people are born ready for combat, but you don't have to be. Kru Kyle took up Muay Thai on a whim, with no intention of competing and no idea he'd still be training more than 20 years later... but Muay Thai is a journey that changes you, equally capable of toughening up those who begin too soft or teaching respect and discipline to the hot-headed. Kyle finds it impossible to repay those who have helped him along the way, so he does his best to pay it forward to the next generations.


Coaching Highlights

  • 2012 WMC certified Kru under Ajahn Suchart

  • 2010 CSC/CASK certified official

  • 2007 CSC/CASK certified coach

Athlete Highlights

  • 10 fights (6 wins, 4 losses)

  • Began training in 2000

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