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Chris Greig

Kru Yai (Head Coach) & Gym Owner

Coaching philosophy starts from the ground up. Believing the physical must be trained to keep up with mental, and a strong foundation in technique is the key to excelling. .Calm, composed and collected when facing any situation is the way of the unfettered mind. Body Protect, Mind Strong, Heart Powerful. 


Coaching Highlights

  • Coached Athletes at the Local, Provincial, National, International and Professional level winning accolades at each.

  • 2021 Board of Directors for Muay Thai Ontario. Currently fulfilling the role of Vice-president of Athletic Development. 

  • 2015 MTO certified Coach/Official 

  • 2014 cSc Canadian National Junior Team Coach 

  • 2013 received WMC certified Kru Yai(Chief Instructor) under Ajahn Suchart 

  • 2012 received WMC certificate as Ambassador of Muay Thai for continued work and dedication to Muay Thai and the community. 

  • 2010 cSc certified Official 

  • 2007 cSc certified Coach 

  • 2006 received WMC certified Kru(Instructor) under Ajahn Suchart 

Athlete Highlights

  • 55 sanctioned fights: 38win - 15loss - 2draw. Trained and fought internationally competing in Kickboxing, K-1 Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

  • 2008-2010, 4x cSc Canadian Title, Muay Thai -67kg 

  • 2009 Represented Canada and won in "Thailand vs World Tournament" Bangkok, Thailand 

  • 2008  CASK Provincial(Ontario) "Tournament of Champions" Gold Medal, Kickboxing -63kg 

  • 2007 CASK Provincial(Ontario) "Tournament of Champions" Gold Medal, Muay Thai -67kg 

  • 2007 CASK Athlete of the Year 

  • 2004 WKA North Eastern American Title, Low Kick -63kg 

  • 2003 WPKA World Championships Bronze Medal, Kickboxing -63kg. Received "Bout of the Year" for this match. 

  • 2000 Started competing in Kickboxing

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