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Christine George

Christine's classes are cardio & strength intensive to help with conditioning for fighter stamina.


Coaching Highlights

  • 2012 received Kru (certified Muay Thai instructor) from Ajahn Suchart of WMC (World Muay Thai Council) under Kru Yai Steve Witter

  • 2007 TKO Fighting Arts Instructor 

  • 2005 TKO Fighting Arts Assistant Instructor 


Athlete Highlights:

  • Began training at TKO Fighting Arts in 2000 at age 17, training under Kru Yai Steve Witter and later under Kru Yai Chris Greig.

  • Started fighting at age 18

  • 20 sanctioned fights, competing in Kickboxing, Low Kick, and Muay Thai disciplines

  • National and International fighting experience competing in multiple Provinces, the United States and in Austria as part of Team Canada in the WAKO world tournament in 2009

  • 2x CASK Canadian Title, Muay Thai 

  • 2x CASK Provincial Gold Medal, Low Kick 

  • 2x CASK Female Athlete of the Year 

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